About us

Fairweather Homes has been providing innovative award-winning manufactured off-site prefab solutions for low rise timber construction since 1982.

Fairweather has been responsible for the delivery of hundreds of homes, small commercial and educational buildings throughout Australia, where the business has been operating continuously for over 35 years.

The company delivers high quality cost effective sustainable buildings which utilise the benefits of technology-driven precision manufacturing to accelerate the builder’s on site construction speed and carefully control cost while improving quality.

Location & experience

Fairweather Homes is based in Melbourne, Victoria and operates throughout Australia.

With our project partners we have experience delivering prefabricated projects through south east Asia and the Pacific.

Browse our map to gain an understanding of the breadth of our local experience.

Design & documentation

Fairweather Homes works with  MODUS Architects to create customised designs using the flexible construction system and is able to draw on their expertise at all stages through the design and delivery process. With strength in design, project management and off site construction, Fairweather Homes is able to deliver prefab modular projects to suit a broad range of needs including residential, educational and commercial applications.

Care is taken to consider site topography, orientation, location, environment, climate, materials selection and energy efficiency.


The unique design approach integrates the capabilities of Assemble Systems to achieve bespoke architectural design solutions manufactured off site.

Finishes, fitout and detailing can be standardised for economical production or customised for unique results to suit the owners’ taste, climatic conditions, bushfire areas and harsh coastal environments.

Collaboration & consultation

We take a consultative approach through all phases of design, manufacturing and construction. This approach places an emphasis on communication and transparency and is suited to working with a diverse range of clients, particularly with individual private home owners, community based and government organisations.

We also maintain contact with a broad network of sustainability, education, social, environmental and humanitarian networks where our projects demonstrate a strong alignment of values.

We are also happy to work with other architects who are committed to off site construction using timber-based solutions.



Paul Adams – Director

Paul has a depth of knowledge and proven record in delivering projects that are unique and challenging striving to deliver works of architectural significance with social and environmental responsibility through a systematic and methodical mindset.

Paul’s career has spanned a diversity of work which began at Fairweather Homes before strengthening his experience working in mainstream architectural practice, project management for community based urban renewal and education projects, remote and regional strategic master planning & development, citizen led housing development, international development and off site manufacturing.

Paul creates enduring architecture and places for personal delight, social interaction and community building. He is leading the way in design for off-site manufacturing and assembly from low rise single dwellings to tall timber structures.

Paul is a registered architect and director at MODUS Architects, Fairweather Homes and Assemble Systems.


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