Sustainability and energy efficiency are integrated into all projects by Fairweather Homes. This is commenced at the design stage through careful space planning and building orientation and the use of strategically placed eaves, well-orientated and appropriately sized glazing, and quality building envelope. Careful material selection and passive solar design ensure a low-impact and low-cost building for many years to come.


Our on site assessment and design service will ensure that optimal orientation is achieved to maximise passive solar design principles while protecting from adverse climatic conditions.

Shading & eaves

Our design system integrates eaves and verandahs which when orientated correctly will protect against harsh summer sun while allowing winter sun to enter the living zones.


Windows and doors are located strategically to allow occupants to manage effective cross ventilation for summer cooling and night purging. The incorporation of ceiling fans and thermal chimneys can also assist with ventilation strategies.

Zoning & space planning

The incorporation of appropriate space planning, zoning and air locks will ensure that occupants can maintain control over heating and cooling zones while minimising wasted heating zones or losses to the exterior. Spaces sized to suit the occupants needs will ensure energy input for heating, lighting and general operations will be appropriate without encouraging wastage.


Well insulated external walls, ceilings and floors combined with double glazed windows and external doors allows effective retention of internal winter warmth and protection from external summer heat. Well sealed windows and doors and quality construction minimises drafts and air leakage.

Thermal mass

Incorporating a concrete slab with tiled flooring provides cost effective thermal mass. Other strategies like including an internal brick veneer or tiled flooring can also assist .

Durability & resilience

Carefully selected materials that offer a balance between all sustainability principles as well as durability and minimal maintenance ensure a long lasting high performance building.


Fairweather Homes uses materials which have minimal environmental impact. The wall and roof framing, cladding and window frames are all plantation-grown timber. Manufactured timber products and prefabrication ensure waste minimisation is addressed. Renewable resources with low embodied energy are used as much as possible.

Renewable energy

Our goal is to minimise the energy consumption of the building by incorporating as many passive design principles as possible. With this strategy it is possible to introduce energy generation systems such as photovoltaic panels and micro wind generators to offset energy consumption and ensure short payback when offset against energy bills. We encourage the selection of efficient and durable appliances and fittings to assist in the long term realisation of an energy efficient home.

Water collection, reuse & disposal

Rainwater harvesting systems combined with tank to toilet connections assist with efficient water management. Efficient fittings and well planned wet areas are essential to efficient water use. Landscaping, ground water runoff and topography also contribute to efficient water use.

Strategic approach

There are numerous strategies for creating an efficient building. We are skilled in exploring and advising on the appropriate strategy to suit a particular location and budget.